MR/2 ICE "Ask The Experts"

MR/2 ICE "Ask The Experts"

Your chance to ask questions of a large and growing collection of MR/2 ICE users! Any questions asked here will be posted to a mail list of volunteer MR/2 ICE veterans ready to help you find the answer.

Simply fill in your email address, name and question, then click on the SUBMIT button.

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You don't have to be an MR/2 ICE expert to subscribe, but subscribing does let you see all of the questions posted, and all of the expert answers. All users are welcome to subscribe, regardless of whether you wish to participate or just "lurk and learn".

Subscribing to the expert list is as easy as filling out the form above with your email address and a subject of SUBSCRIBE. No message text is necessary. Then, simply "submit" the form.

To UNSUBSCRIBE from the expert list, simply fill out your email address and supply a subject of UNSUBSCRIBE. Then simply "submit" the form.

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